May I enter the school through any of the doors in the building?

All outside doors are locked throughout the school day. Visitors desiring to enter the school may use the "buzz-in" system at the main Primary and Intermediate entrances located on the East side of the building. Park in the diagonal spaces provided. Please push the button located to the right of the main door and the office staff will allow you access.

May I eat lunch with my child? What is the process?

By all means, we want parents and family members to be involved with their children here at AES. Contact the office ahead of time so we can ensure enough school lunches are prepared. You can purchase a school lunch in the cafeteria. If you choose to bring outside food into the cafeteria, that is fine, also.

May I visit my child's classroom?

Again, we welcome parents and family to come to our classroom. We would ask that you contact your child's teacher beforehand to ensure what activity the students will be engaged in upon your arrival. Come to the office, sign in, secure a visitor's badge, enjoy your time in the classroom, and then sign out before you leave the building.

If I know my child will be absent from school, what should I do?

In order to keep track of all attendance and to ensure that students are safely at school, please call the school office to notify the secretaries of the absence and the reason before 9:30 am. Primary office - 913.367.1161 and Intermediate office - 913.367.3787.

What time may I drop off my child in the morning?

The door opens at 7:45 am. We would ask that students not be dropped off earlier than this time due to no supervision outside the school. Also, make sure you bring your child to school in a timely manner if he or she is going to eat breakfast. School begins at 8:25 am.

May I drop off my child at the back parking lot in the morning?

Due to safety issues, parent and family vehicles are only allowed in the front (East) parking lot for arrival. Only staff vehicles, delivery vehicles, and school buses are allowed in the back (West) parking lot. During dismissal, at 3:31 pm, busses will load in the front parking lot. All parent and family vehicles will pick up students in the back parking lot.

May I park in the back parking lot to pick up my child at dismissal?

Yes. There will be a "park and pick up" parking area. You can pick up your child in the primary cafeteria. If you want your child to walk to the car, please stay close to the curb. Staff members will call your child to your vehicle. Please do not park at the curb to get out a pick up your child.

My child needs a cell phone to contact me.
Will he or she be allowed to bring one to school?

All electronic devices should be kept at home. In the event that a student needs to bring an electronic device to school, he or she must take the device to the office. The office staff will hold the item and the child may pick it up at the end of the school day. Any electronic device in open sight of a staff member will be taken to the office and a home contact will be made to retrieve the device.

What if my child needs to contact me, or a family member?

We encourage parents/families to make prior arrangements with students concerning changes in dismissal or other issues. Please make this communication with the office by 3:00 pm. In the event of an emergency, the student may come to the office to make a phone call as needed.

What if I need to contact my child with a message during the school day?

You may call the office to leave a message. If you need to talk to your child, we will bring them to the office during a non-instructional time.

Through which doors do I enter for evening events?

The Primary doors on the West side of the building will be open for access to evening events. Parking is in the back parking lot.

How about access during Parent/Teacher Conferences?

Both main doors in the front of the building and the Primary cafeteria doors will be open during conferences. Parking will be in both lots. Just make sure that you are not parking in the front parking lot while busses are trying to load for dismissal.

Where may I park during party days?

You may park in the back parking lot in the designated spaces, but not along the curb.

How do I pay for breakfast and/or lunch fees?

You may come to the office to make payment, or you may send payment with your child. We always caution students from carrying cash while at school. Students should come directly to the office to drop off the payment when they arrive at school.

How do teachers typically communicate with parents?

We would encourage you to speak with your child's teacher about the best ways to communicate. Many teachers will send home a monthly newsletter, make phone calls, emails, text messages, or web pages. Certainly, you make call the school office to make an appointment. We will try to make accommodations to meet with teachers if you walk in the building, but can't always guarantee that the teacher will be available at that moment.

Is there a school webpage? What would I find on the webpage?

Our District webpage is www.usd409.net and click on "schools", then click on "Atchison Elementary". You will find information about the school, staff/teacher's webpages/email, sign up for e-newsletters, school calendar, menus, nutritional facts, student/family handbook, photos,and other links of interest. You will also find helpful information and links on the District webpage.

With whom do I speak with about a concern, question, or a suggestion?

We encourage you to always start with your child's teacher.
If you need further clarification, please contact the building principal 
Mrs. Heather Renk for Pk - 2 
Mr. Kent Michel for 3-5.

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